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[For Businesses] Social Media Marketing Tips

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

We're hearing feedback that it's been very competitive to get grant money, CONTINUE trying and applying for all grants possible, and especially with the Paycheck Protection Program Loan program (where it's a forgivable loan and turns into a grant if all guidelines are followed - please read and understand guidelines first before committing). Even though it can be discouraging, keep PUSHING. We've included some other ways or alternatives to help support your business during this difficult time.  In response to this feedback, we've added this blog on our webpage dedicated to finding and brainstorming ways for local business owners to generate money. You can follow the blog hereAlternatives and Tips:

  • Create infographics about the businesses and include translated messaging. Certain tools such as making infographics and visuals by Canva can help attract attention. An infographic about how social distancing is practiced in your business can help alleviate some worries customers can have, as they will know what to expect if they visit your business.

  • Communities are compelled to support people right now: share on social media about stories behind the business including but not limited to the stories behind the business owners, how did the business begin, you can do a personal appeal about how the business is doing.

  • Continue to ask your friends to share your posts to help spread awareness.

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