[For Businesses] GoFundMe Charity

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

GoFundMe Charity

Set up a GoFundMe Charity page, this is an alternative to solely focus on raising money for your business. Communities are compelled to support local business owners. Having your own charity page with consistent social media messaging can help raise some funds.

  • Momentum is developed when you first create the charity page and share it among social media, ask your friends and network to share it in Facebook groups, especially in neighborhood groups. It's in the initial round of sharing that is pertinent in raising funds and raising awareness during these difficult times. Often times, funds are raised through waves of knowledge that are shared throughout the community.

  • Additionally, if $500 is raised, your business can be considered for a matching grant provided by GoFundMe.

  • You can also email us to add it to our "donations page" where we have a list of charity funds that people can donate to.

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