Feed the Beach

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Wa-Bloc is providing free meals for kids and their families on Tuesdays and Thursdays in Rainier Beach. They partner with different local restaurants each week. Follow their social media to stay updated on their menus. 

Neighbor to Neighbor

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Community food pantry system and dinner pick up available to households in need in South Park. Visit website for more information about resources in South Park. Follow @urbanfreshfoodco on Instagram to stay updated.

Seattle Community Kitchen Collective

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This collective consists of Musang, feed the people, that Brown Girl Cooks, Expat Supper Club, Guerilla Pizza Kitchen with close collaborations with Hood Famous and Sugar Hill. They provide free meals to those experiencing food insecurity, no questions asked.

Frelard Tamales: Free Meals 

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Free meals available for those impacted by COVID-19 and one tamale available for patient-facing healthcare workers and first responders. Follow their Instagram, @frelardtamales for updates. 

Find your

local food bank

Includes information across Washington

Check out this map to find your local food bank, with options to choose from hot meals to go, home delivery meals, prepacked boxes and more. 



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Pre-packed bags of food available through drive-thru from 3-4 pm. Follow their Instagram @emergencyfeeding for the most updated hours.

851 Houser Way N Renton, WA 98057

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