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Community Resources

Currently Open WA Food Banks & Meal Programs

This map includes currently open food banks and meal programs across Washington. Is it possible to add a button to the link here, similar to how it was done before? It was very visually appealing when it was done that way.

Home Delivery

United Way of King County, Food Lifeline, the City of Seattle, and Metro Access are offering free home delivery of emergency food boxes across Seattle, North King County, and East King County during COVID-19. We are actively working to expand to South King County. To request a food box, fill out this online form (, or call us Toll-Free at 833-540-0800, Mondays to Fridays from 11am-4pm.

Washington State Emergency Resources

Download this resource for a list of emergency resources in Washington state. Flyer with link (English) - pdf attachment => (These I can input myself as I am waiting to get the pdfs for these) Flyer with link (Korean) - pdf attachment Flyer with link (Chinese) - pdf attachment