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We are two Asian American women based out of South Seattle. Our backgrounds vary, from being former student advisers, social workers and working in food banks. Like many others, we have struggled to keep our family businesses afloat. With many of our elders having a language barrier, we found that we are their best advocates, to get them the resources they need. We started off with individual texts to each other to make sure we knew about resources and grants to apply for, to saving our info on google sheets, to the development of this website. With so many resources and lists throughout the area, we aim to have the links centralized in one place so you can easily find that resource and refer others to the resources they need. 


This website serves as a directory for resources, financial and food assistance, and provides links to other websites with more resources. We also hope that you find a great cause and organization to support and learn about the amazing community organizers behind them. 

We as a community is stronger together. We are a small group and will try to update this website as quickly and accurately as possible. However, we are currently working around the clock with families to support, so please understand if we are not able to update the website as quickly as you would like. If you want us to list a resource to the website of if there are any changes/corrections to current resources listed, please fill out this form below. 

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Images provided by Support the ID - Community United Facebook Group (These images can be used to show your support to Chinatown, you can download the files here)

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